Our subdivision has been laying dormant for many years. We are hoping to get all of our landowners interested and involved. We have a lot of work ahead of us and welcome all input. We look forward to meeting our neighbors and fellow lot owners in the near future.

Thank You,

The Board of The Sunsites Unit #7 Homeowners Association
Contact info 520-368-2571 or [email protected]

We would like all lot owners to secure their lots if they can, clear brush, ect., from them. We had a fire last summer that burned up a whole blk. of lots, we want to try and prevent this from happening again, so please get out there and make you presence on your lots in a manner that is not a nuisance, the HOA oversees and enforces issues like that, we're easy going and if anyone has a complaint like this they must report it to the HOA, not the county.
The HOA was recently given a lot that was donated by a couple that cannot use it, they felt what we are doing is very good and should have been started long ago. So, the HOA has a common area of sorts, we will use it as needs necessitate us to. 

We would like to hear from any lot owners who have had any problems with Cochise county concerning your lots, the HOA, etc... We also want to hear from anyone who has tried to get permits who have not been able to. We also want to hear from owners of the approx. 63 commercial lots, when this county misapplied SR22 zoning to our subdivision it also changed the zoning of those commercial lots to SR22 as well. The zoning and land uses placed in our subdivision in 1962 by the original developer/owner on all lots he created are permanent per our plat, dedication, and our restrictive covenants, all zoning issues, etc., that were allowed then go forever, that's a protection built in with this kind of plat, etc., for the developer, his successors and the purchasing member lot owners, back then to now. There is an investigation going on right now concerning our subdivision and the problems that we have uncovered going on in it, that's why we would like to hear from any of you who have had problems of any kind. Hopefully this will culminate with all the outstanding issues being resolved in our favor.